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About ISMaTeL

The existence of mathematic forms in local culture nowadays is frequently ignored as those are often seen as  having no contribution in modern life. Conversely, ethnomathematics contributes in developing individual identity as well as developing school curriculum.

Ethnomathematics emphasizes on social cultural factor in the process of teaching and learning and develops mathematics as well as sees mathematics  as cultural practice and products. Result of ethnomathematics study can be used in mathematics learning since ethnomathematics is related to students’ culture and real situation so that they feel connected to the learned context. Furthermore, it enables students to achieve knowledge as needed.

Therefore, ethnomathematics aims at applying cultural experience and practice of individual student, community, and society to make mathematics learning more meaningful . More importantly, ethnomathematics enables students to comprehend that mathematics knowledge is embedded in their social culture.

Teachers need to know ethnomathematics as an alternative mathematics learning innovation since teachers play important role in developing inovation on mathematics content and practice at school.


Ethnomathematics in Teaching and Learning Process: What, Why and How?

This theme is taken by PPPPTK Matematika (Centre for Development and Empowerment of Teachers and Education Personnel in Mathematics) for its first International Seminar on Mathematics Teaching and Learning as an effort to open teachers’ mind and perspective on alternative mathematics learning innovation using ethnomathematics.