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‘Mathematics in Flora Global Warming’ Drove PPPPTK Matematika the Winner at the Event of Jogja Fashion Carnival 2019

Yogyakarta – Pusat Pengembangan dan Pemberdayaan Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan (PPPPTK) Matematika successfully  participated at the event of Jogja Fashion Carnival on 3 November 2019. In this valuable occasion, PPPPTK Matematika achieved the 5th runner up winner at the ‘Flora Category’. 

Awards presentation to the winners of Jogja Fashion Carnival taking place at Jogja Expo Center, Sunday (3/11/2019), PPPPTK Mathematika reached the 5th runner up winner at the Flora category 

Jogja Fashion Carnival is part of the 14th Jogja Fashion Week 2019 organized by the Yogyakarta Tourism Office and is held along Malioboro street to the north town square of Yogyakarta. There were 28 groups taking part in the event, consisting of 5 groups of guest stars and 22 groups of competing participants. They wore the specific costume  themes determined by the organizer, and were assessed by the judges from various fields of science; government, culture, and fashion. 

The theme raised at Jogja Fashion Carnival 2019 is Jantaka Anargya which means to change or make objects in order to create or produce more valuable forms. In the carnival, participants wore costumes made from recycled materials, they may choose either one of two provided categories, namely flora or  fauna.

Head of PPPPTK Matematika, Dr. Dra. Daswatia Astuty, M.Pd., had a photo session with PPPPTK Matematika Carnival Team.

In this precious moment PPPPTK Matematika raised ‘Mathematics in Flora Global Warming’ as the costume theme. By means of this theme PPPPTK Matematika displayed fashion symbolizing the elements of soil, trees, leaves, and flowers, making use of the  environmentally friendly recycled materials. The presentation of fashion works from PPPPTK Matematika indicates its great concern to the environment and global warming which is emerged into environmentally friendly artworks.

The Super Icon of PPPPTK Matematika performed on the stage for the 6 finalists assessment at the Jogja Expo Center. 

E:\DOWNLOADS\IMG-20191103-WA0091 (1).jpg
The PPPPTK Matematika Carnival Team lined up in preparation for the march along Malioboro Street.

The wings put on the back of the Icons illustrate the damage caused by global warming. Expanse of soil and lumps of eroded soil, dry trees and leaves, and fragile twigs were displayed in costumes, means to arouse our concern for the environment.

On the costumes, in addition, applied various mathematical symbols characterizes PPPPTK Matematika. The mathematical representations put on the costumes among others are geometric shapes, numbers, mathematics operations symbols, and fractal shapes. (RK/YN)