‘Mathematics in Flora Global Warming’ Drove PPPPTK Matematika the Winner at the Event of Jogja Fashion Carnival 2019

Yogyakarta – Pusat Pengembangan dan Pemberdayaan Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan (PPPPTK) Matematika successfully  participated at the event of Jogja Fashion Carnival on 3 November 2019. In this valuable occasion, PPPPTK Matematika achieved the 5th runner up winner at the ‘Flora Category’. 

Awards presentation to the winners of Jogja Fashion Carnival taking place at Jogja Expo Center, Sunday (3/11/2019), PPPPTK Mathematika reached the 5th runner up winner at the Flora category 

Jogja Fashion Carnival is part of the 14th Jogja Fashion Week 2019 organized by the Yogyakarta Tourism Office and is held along Malioboro street to the north town square of Yogyakarta. There were 28 groups taking part in the event, consisting of 5 groups of guest stars and 22 groups of competing participants. They wore the specific costume  themes determined by the organizer, and were assessed by the judges from various fields of science; government, culture, and fashion. 

The theme raised at Jogja Fashion Carnival 2019 is Jantaka Anargya which means to change or make objects in order to create or produce more valuable forms. In the carnival, participants wore costumes made from recycled materials, they may choose either one of two provided categories, namely flora or  fauna.

Head of PPPPTK Matematika, Dr. Dra. Daswatia Astuty, M.Pd., had a photo session with PPPPTK Matematika Carnival Team.

In this precious moment PPPPTK Matematika raised ‘Mathematics in Flora Global Warming’ as the costume theme. By means of this theme PPPPTK Matematika displayed fashion symbolizing the elements of soil, trees, leaves, and flowers, making use of the  environmentally friendly recycled materials. The presentation of fashion works from PPPPTK Matematika indicates its great concern to the environment and global warming which is emerged into environmentally friendly artworks.

The Super Icon of PPPPTK Matematika performed on the stage for the 6 finalists assessment at the Jogja Expo Center. 

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The PPPPTK Matematika Carnival Team lined up in preparation for the march along Malioboro Street.

The wings put on the back of the Icons illustrate the damage caused by global warming. Expanse of soil and lumps of eroded soil, dry trees and leaves, and fragile twigs were displayed in costumes, means to arouse our concern for the environment.

On the costumes, in addition, applied various mathematical symbols characterizes PPPPTK Matematika. The mathematical representations put on the costumes among others are geometric shapes, numbers, mathematics operations symbols, and fractal shapes. (RK/YN)

PPPPTK Matematika is Hosting Its 1st International Seminar ISMaTeL 2019

Yogyakarta – PPPPTK Matematika (Center for Development and Empowerment of Mathematics Teacher and Educational Personnel) executed its first international seminar entitled 1st International Seminar on Mathematics Teaching and Learning (ISMaTeL) on 22 to 25 October 2019. This event was officially inaugurated by the Director General of Teacher and Educational Personnel, represented by the Director of the Development for Secondary Education and Special Education Teacher, Ir. Sri Renani Pantjastuti, MPA., Tuesday (10/22/2019) at the Rohan Jogja Grand Dafam Hotel.

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The Director of the Development for Secondary Education and Special Education Teacher, Ir. Sri Renani Pantjastuti, MPA, accompanied by the Head Office and Structural Officer of PPPPTK Matematika was beating the gong indicating that ISMaTeL was officially commenced.

In her remarks, Sri Renani expressed the appreciation to PPPPTK Matematika for organizing this ISMaTeL. She conveyed her hopes that the participants would be able to develop and disseminate ethnomathematics to all teachers in Indonesia. Further, she said that in this seminar participants not only learn about ethnomathematics but also develop  networks to enlarge their knowledge. Prior to Sri Renani’s remark, the Head of PPPPTK Matematika, Dr. Dra. Daswatia Astuty, M.Pd., welcomed all participants and wished that the seminar would be beneficial for both for participants and the nation.

The ISMaTeL is conducted by PPPPTK Matematika referring to the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Education and Culture 2015 – 2019, in which one of the points mentions that the efforts to improve regional competitiveness are deemed necessary. Based on this statement, the Head of Program and Information Division, Dr. Rachmadi Widdiharto, M.A., said in his report that ISMaTeL is a routine agenda that will be held biennially. 

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Speakers  of the seminar as well as invited guests are having the photo session just after the opening ceremony was done.

In his further explanation, Rachmadi also mentioned that this seminar may insights the participants with a more detail about ethnomathematics both from the seminar presentations by ethnomathematics experts and directly learning ethnomathematics at cultural sites. All of the 201 participants from Myanmar, Lao PDR, Timor Leste and Indonesia will conduct ethnomathematics studies at Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko Temple, Yogyakarta Palace, and Kotagede Silver Crafts to have a further exploration on mathematical studies at cultural sites

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The presentation of the Cakil Bamboo welcome dance performed by students of the Kekayon Museum,  Yogyakarta.

A welcome dance; Bambangan Cakil dance performed by students of  Yogyakarta Kekayon Museum was presented at the opening ceremony. In addition, PPPPTK Matematika also presented parade of batik culture which is extremely close to mathematics, performed by the sons and daughters of PPPPTK Matematika staff. Another presentation was Song and  Games for Children entitled Games of Numbers figured by Tamansiswa. (RK/YN).

PPPPTK Matematika Participated In The Event of JFC 2019

Jember – For the first time, PPPPTK Matematika participated in Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) 2019. At this annual international event, PPPPTK Matematika performed at the category of Wonderful Artchipelago Carnival Indonesia (WACI) taking place on 3 August 2019. The WACI event was officially opened by the Head of Culture and Tourism Office, East Java Province, Sinarto.

In WACI 2019, 8 contingents participated in the event: PPPPTK Matematika, DKI Jakarta, Nganjuk Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Solo City, Malang Regency, and Jember Regency. Along with the other 7 contingents, PPPPTK Mathematics succeed to attract the audience by presenting creations of fashion depicted a creative culture in  mathematical nuance.


The team of PPPPTK Matematika directed by the Head of PPPPTK Matematika, Daswatia Astuty, put on a costume  inspired from the basic geometric shapes like circle, triangle and square that created various beautiful patterns on the costume. To make the design of the geometric costume more comprehensive, various symbols and numbers, operating symbols, two-dimensional shapes, three-dimensional shapes, mathematical symbols, and fractal shapes are added as accessories representing mathematics.


The idea of making geometric theme for the costumes worn by the PPPPTK Matematika team came from Director of the SEAMEO Regional Center for QITEP in Mathematics, Dr. Sumardyono. The idea was then translated into the design of the carnival costumes by Dandy T Hidayat. He is well known as a designer as well as a coach for the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers of the Special Region of Yogyakarta.


 It was stated by Daswatia, the participation of PPPPTK Matematika in JFC 2019 event is an effort to foster public intention on mathematics as a means to make mathematics as an enjoyble topic. Further, she also expressed her pride for the hard work and courage of PPPPTK Matematika team to perform at the international event.

The involvement of PPPPTK Matematika at the WACI event of JFC 2019 was also supported by PPPPTK Arts and Culture and SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics. Both institution represented by their structural officials and some other staff were present at the event to encourage the peforming team of PPPPTK Mathematics. (RK/YN)

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